About us

UsedMxPart.com is a part of Laurense Motors in the Netherlands. We sell used and new parts for MX motorcycles all over the world. We have a large inventory with used parts for a great number of brands and types of motorcycles. These parts can be ordered and shipped to every international address in the world. When your payment has been confirmed, your part will be shipped to your address.


Laurense Motors is an MX-company with its own store and repair- and maintenanceshop. They trade new and used MX-motorcycles, sell parts, clothing and repair and maintain MX-motorcycles from every brand. The company is located in the heart of the Dutch MX-area and has many years of experience in the business. Employees are motivated and have experience in riding motorcycles.


For many years, the parts used by Laurense Motors have been in storage. A great number of these parts are in excellent condition and are ready to be used again in your motorcycle today. There are even new parts, still packed in their original boxes. In the description of any part you will find the condition of the part. This can range from new in package to heavily used. A picture is provided next to the description so you can determine the condition of the part for yourself.


We hope you will find your part in our webshop and order from us!